Netflix’s weirdest show is back with a new season


Dating in 2021 can be a difficult understanding, forcing singles to go to great lengths to find a relationship. One of the most drastic attempts is seen on Netflix’s insane reality show Sexy Beasts, in which contestants have dates dressed in costume and wearing full dentures that make them look like animals and other weirder creatures.

Netflix clearly hoped to capitalize on the “invisible sight” hook of Love is blind, but decided to go for an even stranger hook. Sexy Beasts is actually based on a British reality show which only lasted one season in 2014. While there is something admirable about the premise – getting someone’s gaze out of the equation when looking for a partner –Sexy Beasts is definitely more of a lowbrow offering in terms of Netflix Originals. Hilariously, the Season 2 trailer capitalizes on that review, featuring lines from the series’ panning reviews.

The second season dropped on October 7, and viewers on Twitter definitely had opinions on the reality show. “Sexy Beasts is the worst dating show in the world, but i just want to know how long they have to be in makeup “, tweeted a viewer.

Sexy Beasts has also come under criticism due to the fact that it is a show about removing appearance from the dating equation, but they still only make people thin and conventionally attractive. “without warning netflix has made a second season of sexy beasts”, tweeted a fan, to which someone answered, “omg plot twist they’re all skinny and conventionally hot.”

“There is a new season of Sexy Beasts already???” tweeted reporter Kierra Cotton, which is a good question considering Season 1 only released in July of this year. “If I’m honest, if I had the chance, I would go 100% Sexy Beasts, I just think it would be a fun experience “, an honest viewer tweeted.

Sexy Beasts is such a brilliant spectacle. It’s designed to force people to fall in love because of their personalities rather than their looks, but none of the contestants have personalities and they’re all sexy. What a twist “, another viewer joked. The two six-episode seasons of Sexy Beasts are now available to stream on Netflix.

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