New name recommended for Jack Jouett College in Albemarle


ALBEMARLE CO., Va. (WVIR) – Jack Jouett Middle School in Albemarle County may soon become the Journey Middle School.

This is the name recommended by the volunteer community advisory committee responsible for reviewing the school name. The 16-member group made the decision after holding two online polls and two town halls to get feedback.

The name of Journey Middle School is now under review by the Superintendent, who will make his own recommendation to the school board on August 12.

Jouett is the fifth school in the division to have its name revised.

Albemarle County Public Schools Release July 16, 2021

Jouett’s Volunteer Community Advisory Committee recommends that the school be renamed Journey Middle School

(ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Virginia) —The Volunteer Community Advisory Committee that conducted the Jack Jouett Middle School name review has completed its work, recommending that the school name be changed to Journey Middle School.

The committee, which began its work in May, included the principal of the school; school staff and faculty; parents of school students; parents of primary school students attending primary schools; members of the wider community; and an Albemarle high school student who attended college. The 16-member advisory committee organized two online surveys and two public meetings to gather feedback from the wider school community.

Committee chair Hannah Peters, who is a teacher at the school, said a guiding influence in the committee’s deliberations was the opportunity to choose a name that today aligned with the school’s values, its purpose and what it represents for the present and the future. students and staff.

“Inclusion was the value most often repeated by our students, community members and staff. Travel is a concept that applies to everyone. College is a place that prepares students for the academic rigors of high school and beyond. This is where students begin to seriously think about careers and relationships. This is where success takes root, ”said Peters.

The concept has special meaning for a school that has gained international recognition for its AVID program, which aims to provide students with support, guidance and program opportunities for them to acquire college preparation skills and to a career.

The committee’s recommendation is reviewed by Superintendent Matthew Haas. Dr. Haas will review the committee’s contributions before making his own recommendation to the school board on August 12. Board members will decide on the name of the school at their August 26 meeting. Any change to the current school name would come into effect on July 1, 2022.

Jouett is the fifth school in the division to take a naming exam. In directing that all schools with the names of individuals in the division have their names revised, the school board said the goal should be to ensure that the names of all schools represent the values ​​of equity, d ‘excellence, family and community and well-being of the division.

Peters said one of the highlights of the review was student participation, through a project involving more than 100 sixth, seventh and eighth graders. Students were asked to create mandalas to signify their aspirations for school. Mandalas are geometric designs, and Peters said there was a lot of similarity between the different representations. “Not only were the designs visually compelling,” she said, “but they celebrated diversity and a school environment that welcomes, nurtures and supports all of our families, students and staff. “

Travel as a shared experience for all was the name that best represented that consensus, Peters said. The other finalists were Hope, Peace and Justice; Monegasque; Katherine Johnson; and keeping the name Jouett.

School principal Ashby Johnson said the exam was an uplifting opportunity for the school and those it serves. “It’s not often that students, their parents and staff have the chance to name their school. As a former student here myself, I understand the attachment that a school name can have for certain members of a community. Our original name, which dates back to 1966, represented another era in our county’s educational history. Much has changed over the past 55 years in our responsibilities to serve our community, ”she said.

The committee’s research dated back even further than 1966. It included a discovery that Jack Jouett, who was a captain in the Virginia militia during the Revolutionary War, owned farms in Virginia and Kentucky. Up to 25 men, women and children were reportedly enslaved by Jouett.

“I would like to thank all of the volunteers who served on the committee for their dedication and thoughtful leadership and all who participated in our outreach, especially our students. I am proud of what this collaboration has produced by opening a new window on our future, ”said Johnson.

The previous four school name reviews were also conducted by volunteer community advisory committees, and the Executive Director supported the recommendation in each case. The school board changed the name of three schools and kept the name of another. Summaries of all completed and ongoing exams are available from the School Division’s Names of Schools Under Review web page.

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