New study highlights top performing Olympic athletes in each country


EUGENE, Ore., July 20, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Rave reviews, the innovative site that publishes rankings based on advanced data-driven analysis, released a study highlighting each country’s most decorated Olympic athlete. The study is accompanied by a series of maps, available at:

With the Tokyo With the 2021 Olympics fast approaching, RAVE Reviews wanted to honor the world’s most prolific medalists.

To achieve this, the RAVE Reviews team spent hours counting every medal won for each country since the first Olympic Games, then implemented a scoring system that awarded four points for gold, two points for l silver and a point for bronze.

The result is a series of cards that celebrates the athletes who have stood on the winning podium more than anyone in their country.

“This year at that of Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics, new heroes will be created, “said Guillaume Kennedy, author of the article and marketing and creative manager of RAVE Reviews. “We know that not all athletes come to the Olympics thinking they are going to win as many gold medals as Michael phelps, their success may be relative to those who came before them in their own country. So for this project, we wanted to dive into the history books to determine exactly who the top Olympians are in each country in the world. “

The RAVE reviews don’t stop there. After doing some research, they decided to close the gender gap by looking at the female athletes who came home with the most medals.

“Out of 135 winning countries, the most successful athlete in 104 of them is a male, while 27 countries have a female athlete as their biggest winner. The rest are tied.”

“We thought it was time to celebrate both sexes, so we created the all-female card so that little girls around the world always have someone to aspire to be like,” Kennedy added.

The project also looked for which sport each country won the most medals. “Most fans of the Olympics know that United States is good at swimming, but did you know that Indonesia is fantastic at badminton, Bulgaria produces great wrestlers, and if you are going to watch a fencing match, you should be careful Hungary“Miller concluded.

The series of maps is available on the RAVE Reviews website, and the data is available on request.

RAVE Reviews is an authoritative and entertaining guide to consumer goods, entertainment, and travel. This is not a product review site or a lifestyle magazine. But if these two met on an online dating site, nine months later you’d have RAVE reviews.

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