NXT title unification match announced for New Years evil

Two of NXT’s titles will become one in the first show of 2022.

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NXT kicks off 2022 with New Year’s Evil on January 4. Important games for the NXT and Women’s Championships were announced on Tuesday night’s show. The pieces were also put together for a title unification fight on the same show. Roderick Strong will pit his Cruiserweight title against Carmelo Hayes’ North American Championship.

A unification of the title to New Year’s Evil

Malcolm Bivens challenged Hayes to the title vs. title match on Strong’s behalf, and the North American champion accepted the offer later on the show. While the match has been accepted by both sides and will take place at New Year’s Evil, it won’t be official until next week. A contract signing will take place on Tuesday’s edition of NXT and will be overseen by announcer Wade Barrett.


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What remains unclear at this point is what will happen to both titles after someone claims them both at New Year’s Evil. The winner will obviously lift both titles over their heads at the end of the match, but it has not been revealed if the winner will continue to wear both or if a new league will be created soon after to replace the two. belts.

What will happen to the Cruiserweight title?

If one title were to disappear and be replaced by another, the candidate most likely to be sidelined would be the Cruiserweight Championship. The seeds were sown for the demise of the Championship during the construction of WarGames. Strong’s opponent Joe Gacy has said if he wins the title he will open it up to all challengers. That didn’t happen and you still have to be a male wrestler weighing 205 pounds or less to compete for this.

That could all change after New Years Evil. It doesn’t matter who wins, the final Cruiserweight title race, which started in 2016, will come to an end. The purple and silver belt was presented to TJP as an award for winning the Cruiserweight Classic. 205 Live, the brand born out of the success of this tournament, feels like it’s running out of steam, and now the title that was once exclusive to it may soon be withdrawn from the WWE warehouse.

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