Pokemon Anime Image Shows Ash’s Old Pokemon Watching His Big Match

During Episode 118 of the Pokemon Journeys anime, all of Ash’s Pokemon at Oak’s lab are watching his big match with Steven Stone.

The Pokemon Journeys the anime reached its climax with the Masters 8 tournament. The current goal of the series’ protagonist, Ash, is to reach the top of the Pokemon World Championships in order to battle the world’s strongest trainer, Leon. During Pokemon Journeysfans have seen the Pokemon trainer work his way into the top eight, among the best in the world.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this feat is that Ash has reached this point with a team made up almost entirely of Pokemon he’s only recently caught. While some fans claimed they would have liked to see Ash’s former Pokemon compete in the Pokemon World Championships, the anime threw those fans a bone with a scene during Ash’s first round battle.


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During episode 118 of Pokemon Journeys in the middle of Ash’s match with Steven Stone, all of Ash’s Pokemon currently in Professor Oak’s lab are spectating. The scene shows all of Ash’s Pokémon, alongside Professor Oak, Tracy, and Ash’s mother watching Ash’s showdown with Champion Hoenn as they cheer their trainer on to the semi-finals .

Although not every Pokemon Ash has ever owned appears in this scene as he has yet to find some like his Butterfree, fans are treated to an additional scene where Ash’s fire-type Pokemon cheers on his Gengar after defeating Steven’s Aggron. It’s especially heartwarming because in a previous episode, his fire-type Pokemon helped the ghost-type learn the Will-O-Wisp move.

A strength of Pokemon Journeys anime that fans seem to appreciate is the show’s ability to seamlessly reference past seasons. As a series celebrating twenty-five years of Pokemon lively, Pokemon Journeys brought back some of the most iconic Pokemon and characters from anime’s past to show just how much they’ve grown. Like Serena, Ash’s companion Kalos, or Kalos ace Pokemon Greninja.

Whereas Pokemon Journeys still has questions to answer such as what’s in store for Chloe and her Eevee since their contest debut, the current tournament arc in the anime is likely to be one of the most exciting arcs for fans to experience. As the public watches more and more clashes between these champions, only time will tell if Ash has what it takes to rise to the top of the Pokemon world and defeat Leon to become the best like no one has ever been. .

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