Scott Disick pulled out of SNL because of Kourtney Kardashian

“If Kourtney and I were married, I would make fun of her on TV.”

Kim Kardashian’s Saturday Night Live her debut was a highlight of the show’s current season and saw her crack jokes with and about many famous members of her family. Turns out Scott Disick was supposed to appear in the episode as well.

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Scott ended up watching the SNL audience registration. But as he revealed in a chat with Khloé Kardashian and Kris Jenner on The Kardashians this week, that was not the original plan.

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Scott was asked to appear in a skit that poked fun at his habit of dating younger women – like Sofia Richie, Amelia Hamlin and now Rebecca Donaldson – since he and Kourtney Kardashian ended their relationship in 2015.

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“I’m basically like, ‘You know, the reason I’m dating young girls is because I’m trying to add them all up so they’re your age,'” Scott said, explaining the premise of a sketch where he was meant to address his ex. Kourtney “didn’t feel it,” so he decided not to go through the looks.

“I told Kourtney about it, and she didn’t feel it,” Scott shared, before adding, “If Kourtney and I were married, of course I would make fun of her on TV, but not, like, separate. It’s just not in good taste.”

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“It was my instinct [instinct], and I called her and told her about it,” he continued. “Initially, I just wanted to come support Kim and watch. That was it. So I’m fine with that.”

Kourtney, who is heading towards her engagement to Travis Barker in The Kardashians‘ last episode, was also invited to appear in a pre-recorded SNL sketch. She declined the offer because Scott got an invite first.

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“I would love to come and do a skit with you more than anything,” she told Kim in another scene filmed before the SNL tape. “I just feel like for my life where it is now, coming, and just coming with Scott to New York, just doesn’t make sense.”

I can’t help but wonder how those scrapped sketches might have turned out with Scott and Kourtney, but it also seems like everything worked out for the best.

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