She-Hulk received a bombed review on IMDb

Everything is subjective, but the Internet sometimes tends to distort perspective. She-Hulk, the new Marvel series on Disney Plus, isn’t attracting many fans who are male over 30. In fact, it looks like there were some bombshell reviews on IMDb.

If you look at the ratings for the comedy series, you can see that it is generally positive, with 39.9% of reviews being ten out of ten at the time of writing. At the other end of the scale, however, you can see that 31.5% of reviews are one in ten. The demographic breakdown shows that men between the ages of 30 and 44 have submitted more than 1,100 reviews, with 35.8% at the bottom of the scale.

This indicates that the majority of men over 30 are not fans of Jennifer Walters. According to The Direct, there was an influx of these reviews ahead of the first episode. Some pre-releases appear to have been moderated by IMDb, but others have been released calling She-Hulk “woke trash” and planning for the series to incorporate “identity politics.”

In panel discussions attended by The Digital Fix, She-Hulk writer Jessica Gao and executive producer Wendy Jacobson spoke about examining sexism in the sci-fi series. This is especially prevalent in scenes around encounters with Jennifer.

“Any woman who’s ever been to a bar and been hit on by a guy, or any woman who’s ever walked down an alley at night wishes she could transform into She-Hulk,” Coiro said. “So we thought that was a really important thing for women to tell.”

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