Six PV Golfers Draw Under 80 in Championship Game

The Chico-Paradise SIR Golf Club played a 4-Man Scramble format tournament in Bidwell last week in adverse conditions i.e. cold, wind, rain, with some hail mixed in to make good measure.

First flight: Scott Donahoo, Ray Navarro, Benny Sommer and Gary Pederson (formerly the McCloud Flash, but now with a new alias, the Redmond Redneck), 57.2; 2, Ron Griffin, Doug Shook, Don Sturt and Bob Wessels, 58.4.

Second flight: 1, Wayne Brown, Charles Demmer, Craig Fellner and Robert Gaines, 66; 2, Dave Barnum, Darrell Hands (the band’s guru), Larry Hildenbrand and John Messina, 69. Closest to the hairpin on No. 7: 1, Navarro; 2, Demer; 3, Sturt. Closest to the pin on No. 12: 1, Lloyd Lee; 2, Sturt (again); 3, shaken.

Bidwell Park Golf Course

Bidwell Women’s Golf Club’s weekly outing was a “Putts Only” game.

First Rough Low Steal: Gayle Aylward, 88. Game: 1, tie, Betty Linzy, Gail Johnson and Jill Circo, 30 putts. Second gross low flight: Barbara Albers, 99. Game: 1, Yumiko Hankins, 29 putts. Third gross low flight: Liz Mosher, 105; Game: 1, tie, Susan Pease and Eileen Brownell, 31 putts; 3, Flo Herrera, 32 putts. Closest to pinning it on No. 7: 1, Kelly MacKinnon; 2, Susan Lanier; 3, Alward.

The Bidwell Women’s Golf Club also held its second Guest Day tournament of the year last week. The format was a foursome with two best balls and a clean score.

First flight: 1, Gail Johnson, Barbara Joronen, Linda Scarff and Darlene Thomasson, 126, no card; 2, Gayle Aylward, Jill Circo, Sheila McMurphy and a blind draw, 126. Second flight: 1, Lynn Collar, Paula Kokal, Liz Mosher and Deena Cooper, 130; 2, Rachael Graham, Flo Herrera, Theresa Martinez and Jolene Nixon, 132. Closer to the pin on No. 4: 1, Cooper; 2, Becky Callas; 3, Joronen.

table mountain golf course

The Table Mountain Men’s Golf Club held a Two-Man, One Best-Ball format for its monthly tournament.

First flight: 1, Mike Martine and Rodney Amburn, 69, no card; 2, Charles Conner and Jeff Ball, 69. Second flight: 1, Darren Diver and Wayne Teague, 69, no map; 2, Eric Ricketts and William Slavin, 69. Third flight: 1, Randy Garewal and Allen Bunn; 67; 2, Larry Swars and Tony King, 69, no card. Fourth flight: 1, Robbie Olive and Billy Rogers, 64 (low score for the day); 2, Tony Baptista and Fred Abella, 66.

Canyon Oaks Country Club

Canyon Oaks Women’s Golf Club held a three-man, two-ball Stableford tournament last week in windy conditions.

No. 1, Karen Olson, Linda Arellano and Bonnie Seely, 81 points; 2, Sally Pearson, Cathy Edgar and Jakki Thomas, 78 points; 3, Kathy Sullivan, Linda Alworth and Lynne Beyers, 74 points. Closest to the pin on #11: Olson.

They also held another outing last week and the game was ‘Mellow Yellow’, in which players tallied their scores on the par 3 and par 5 holes, and chose their score on the No. 1 or No. 18, to complete their 9-hole Score. The gross low and net low for the day were Cynthia Paulo 93/75. Match: 1, tied, Bonnie Seely and Joan Wagoner, 26.5; 3, tied, Paulo and Melinda Self, 27; 5, tied, Gina Davis and Vickie Spelts, 28.5. Closest to the pin on No. 3: 1, Karen Olson; 2, spelled; 3, Shelley Carney.

Junior Golf

I commented a few weeks ago that the Pleasant Valley High School golf team is perhaps the most talented group of young players Coach Dave Crawford has had in his 25-year career as as a PVHS golf coach.

The previous week’s results at a league match at River View CC in Redding pretty much confirm those sentiments.

All six players on the Vikings team shot under 80 for a team total of 366 (low 5 scores), which is undoubtedly a school record and may well be a league record.

If it’s not a record, someone should confirm the lowest total score for six games.

The PVHS team members shot the following scores: 1, Andrew Ma, 70; Landon Williams, 71; Nate Borello, 73, Aneil Sandu, 73; Jordan Boles, 79; Keifer Zelenski, 79 years old.

Leave me alone! The total could easily be the same next time, but the team members are reversing those excellent scores. It’s a crap for these young talented players to know who will be medalist from one week to the next. Great performance guys!

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