Snowboarder Scotty James reacts to Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac dating his sister

Snowboarder Scotty James took a funny crack at Sam Mac after it was revealed the Sunrise star is dating her sister.

David Koch and Natalie Barr were interviewing the Australian athlete about his preparations for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics when they asked him what he thought of his possible future brother-in-law.

Watch Kochie and Nat talk to Scotty James in the video above

“Our very own Sam Mac is dating your sister, Rebecca. We understand that you have not had the opportunity to meet in person. Do you think, however, from what you’ve read, that she could have done better? Nat asked.

Scotty responded by saying “no one will ever be good enough” for his older brother, before issuing a challenge to Sam.

Sam Mac is dating Rebecca James, the stylist sister of snowboarding star Scotty. Credit: instagram

“Sam’s acceptance is on the line here, he’s going to have to tell me what the weather is like in China, and if this weather guy can’t do it, we might have a problem when we meet,” he joked. .

Sam was then brought into the conversation, revealing he’s had “a number of Facetime conversations” with Scotty since he started dating the snowboarder’s brother in late 2020.

“He’s been very relaxed about it all, almost borderline disinterested,” he laughed.

“The big thing for Scotty, and I hope it’s an advantage for him ahead of the Olympics, is that obviously I represented Australia in international schoolboy football.

“So there’s a synergy of elite athletes that we seem to have, it’s almost an unspoken thing that a lot of people just wouldn’t understand, but I think that could make a difference.”

Kochie and Nat asked Scotty what he thought of Sam Mac.
Kochie and Nat asked Scotty what he thought of Sam Mac. Credit: Sunrise

Sam Mac started dating Victorian stylist Rebecca James after being introduced by a mutual friend in 2020.

She moved from Melbourne to Sydney to be with her new boyfriend last year.

The couple recently took their relationship to the next level, announcing in October that they had purchased their first home together.

“’We bought a fucking house! In Sydney! We are already drinking our way through the pain as we calculate #Pray4Us stamp duty,” Sam captioned a photo on Instagram.

Scotty is also celebrating a milestone in his relationship, having recently announced his engagement to Canadian singer and F1 heiress Chloe Stroll.

The professional snowboarder took to his knees in the snow in Switzerland in November.

Stroll is the sister of Aston Martin Formula 1 driver Lance Stroll and the daughter of Lawrence Stroll, the billionaire executive chairman of the Aston Martin F1 team.

Scotty told Kochie and Nat that Chloe is the “woman of my dreams” and joked that the “pressure” to ask her dad if he could marry his daughter was great mental practice for the Olympics.

“There’s no more pressure than asking Chloe’s dad for her hand in marriage, it was a lot of pressure,” he said.

Scotty was Australia’s flag bearer at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, where he won a bronze medal in the halfpipe.

The 27-year-old is aiming for gold at the 2022 Games next month in Beijing.

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