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KOLKATA, India, February 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Soulmate- The Matchmaker is a British online platform by Lam Aid Limited (a UK-based multinational pioneer in hybrid web and mobile applications, across diverse fields) developed to allow people to explore online matches according to their preferences. This tech-driven platform helps people find their true love around the world.

The main features of the Soulmate portal/mobile app are:

  • The Soulmate website/mobile app allows users to initially complete the registration process which requires a phone number as well as email verification to ensure the identity of users available online. All user information is under the full control of the user himself.
  • Users can register online on Soulmate website/mobile apps by specifying their personal details such as name, date of birth, gender, province, state, country, known languages, religion, etc
  • Moreover, users are also required to provide additional details on the Soulmate web portal/mobile app such as height, weight, etc.
  • Another main feature of the Soulmate website/mobile app is that it allows users to describe the qualities they are looking for in their desired life partner.
  • ‘Soulmate’ users can also view other people‘s profiles and send or receive messages from other people. Soulmate provides a secure and authenticated communication network for users to explore each other’s personalities through conversation.
  • The most unique feature provided by Soulmate is that users can grant access to their profiles to any other online member and can view another person’s profile online.
  • Surprise Match Notification is another main feature in which a surprise notification is received by a person if the interests of a newly registered member match those of another person.

Some of the features mentioned above can only be used by users by selecting paid subscription plans.

What Soulmate offers:

This marriage, dating or matchmaking service provider allows users to choose a package to enhance their profile as per their requirement. Three types of packages are provided by the Soulmate website and mobile apps, including:

  • Free profile registration (free plan)
  • Standard package ($49.99)
  • Premium package ($99.99)

Users can select one of these three packages; however, they will be able to view a fixed number of profiles for a specific period of time and will have certain limits on visible details and communication features to connect with other users based on their selected plan.

The free plan will not allow users to keep their profile private and enjoy a call or chat feature. On the other hand, by selecting Premium and Standard plan members from Soulmate website/mobile app, they will be able to enjoy these facilities. Moreover, based on package selection, users can also display their profile above other profiles.

the The Android mobile application is available on: soulmate

The iOS mobile application is available on:

For any information or any other questions:-

Emails: [email protected]

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Linkedin: ited/

About Lam Aid:

Lam Aid Limited – A British Multinational – is a highly reputable mobile application development company and information technology service provider. Registered at UK, it also deals with all types of mobile apps, websites and admin portals. Additionally, we aim to promote our developed mobile apps and web portals in the Gulf countries and Indian subcontinents.

Lam Aid believes in mutual growth. In order to develop our business worldwide, we are looking for Potential investors, partners, distributors, brand promotion partners, country representatives and Trade promotion partners on the profit sharing model, who will be interested and able to invest, promote, market and establish our hybrid mobile apps and web portals in their city/country and earn a regular and unlimited income. Sky is the limit.

The brief on the type of services and products is mentioned in the company’s catalog and website:

Contact information:

dr. Iftekhar Ahmed Shams
Chairman and CEO (UK)
Lam Aid Limited
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell: +44 0744 030 4828

Media contact:
Madhushree Banerjee
[email protected]
Company Administrator (India)
Lam Aid Limited

SOURCELam Aid Limited

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