Tender to turn bungalow plans into houses at Falmouth Queen Anne Gardens

Planning permission for 11 1980s bungalows could instead become a series of two- and three-storey houses in Falmouth if developers get the green light.

Pre-application advice has been sought on behalf of Pete French Bourn of Penryn, who is described as the potential buyer of land south of 40 Queen Anne Gardens in Falmouth.

The triangular plot has an existing planning permission for 11 bungalows, dating from 1986, which was renewed in 2006.

It is bordered to the north by houses and to the east by woods, with a public footpath linking Queen Anne Gardens to Boslowick Road, and there is an existing estate access road within the site, as well as connections to the sewage system and utilities, completed in 1986.

However, architects working on behalf of Mr Bourn have now sought pre-application advice from Cornwall Council, on a proposal to build nine houses on the land instead.

A rough illustration of the site boundaries in Falmouth

These, according to accompanying documents, would be a mix of two-storey townhouses to the north of the site in Queen Anne Gardens, and three-storey to the south, taking into account the natural slope of the site, to “ensure that ridgelines are not higher than surrounding dwellings.”

A representative from KYFR Architecture wrote: “Having reviewed the existing planning plans, it is apparent that the proposed single-storey accommodation, although suitable for the market in the mid-1980s, would now struggle to meet the national technical space standards, nor would they make the best use of the site.”


They add that the proposal would target 10% of energy consumption from on-site renewables, via solar panels and air-source heat pumps, with properties being heated, including water, from pumps. with air or ground heat to reduce its carbon impact.

Each house would be allocated two parking spaces and a garage, with an electric vehicle charging station.

Full plans can be viewed at Cornish Council website reference PA22/00337/PREAPP

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