Tesla Model S and Model 3 owners get more matches on dating platforms: study


It looks like the Tesla Model S and Model 3 aren’t just the safest and funniest all-electric cars on the road today. They are also two of the best wingers in dating apps. These are the conclusions of a study conducted by Argent.co.uk, which aimed to determine whether a person’s chances of being matched on a dating platform are affected by the vehicles they feature on their profile.

The pandemic has paved the way for dating apps that are more popular than ever, with statistics from Tinder revealing that users were performing up to 1 billion swipes per day in 2020-2021. Competition is intense, however, with research showing that men might expect a match rate of just 9% and women a 56% match rate per 5,000 scans. This is where cars come in.

Credit: www.money.co.uk

Money.co.uk’s The Driving Attraction study involved creating identical dating profiles in several cities around the world, where the only difference was the make and model of the vehicle shown in the profile itself. The study, which took place between April and June 2021, also included a test profile for men and women who did not have a car. After meeting thousands of users, the study observed some interesting results.

The study found that profiles featuring a car could have a positive impact on match rates. Male profiles generally saw a 34% increase in matches, while female profiles saw a more modest increase of 3%. However, car brands matter a lot, with male matches increased by 110% and female profiles by around 11%, provided they come up with the right vehicle from the right company.

Credit: www.money.co.uk

The right brand of car, in the end, was Tesla. Male profiles that featured a Tesla Model S received up to 113% more matches than the study control profile, which did not feature a car. The Model 3, a much more affordable car than the Model S, also proved to be a very good winger, increasing male profile matches by 106%. Other vehicles that have bolstered male profiles include the Aston Martin DB9, Porsche Cayman and Range Rover Evoque.

While female profiles haven’t received as much of a boost from their featured car brands as their male counterparts, the Tesla Model S and Model 3 have nonetheless provided the biggest boost to profile match rates. Female profiles with an S model saw their match rate increase by 12%, while profiles with model 3 saw an 11% improvement. That pretty much suggests that for men and women today, Tesla is the car brand that would likely help dating app users find a date.

Interestingly enough, there are popular car brands on the other end of the spectrum. Among male profiles, for example, those who featured a Subaru saw 31% fewer matches than the control profile, and those who featured an MG vehicle saw 50% fewer matches. The same is true for females, with profiles featuring a Subaru experiencing a 4% decrease in connections and those featuring an MG car experiencing 5% fewer connections.

Money.co.uk’s the full report on his Driving Attraction study can be found here.

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Tesla Model S and Model 3 owners get more matches on dating platforms: study

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