The 10 Funniest Characters in Netflix Animated Comedy

big mouth splashed out on Netflix in 2017, and its fifth season was recently released on the Hanime streaming app. The show is a hilarious and risky take on puberty and sex, which is looked down upon at times but as Rick would say, “What are you gonna do, baby?“The show may be lively but it’s not for kids. However, there are parts of the show that are actually informative and to the point.

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In a show filled with strange characters, including body parts and inanimate objects that speak, big mouth has a load of ridiculously comical characters. Whether it’s one of the human child characters or one of the many different monsters, these characters seem to bring a few more laughs than the rest.

ten Lola Skumpy is the strong mouth of Bridgeton college which can be obnoxious

Lola Skumpy from Big Mouth

One of the many characters voiced by co-creator and star Nick Kroll, Lola Skumpy is an outspoken, obnoxious and boisterous student at Bridgeton Middle School. Lola had a romantic relationship with Andrew Glouberman and Jay Bilzerian, the latter even proclaiming his love for her in Season 4. Lola started out as a simple friend of the popular girl, Devon, but became such a big part of the ridiculous. It is big mouth. While she is loud and very annoying, Lola remains one of the big mouththe most absurd characters.

9 Andrew Glouberman is the goofy but hilarious Big Mouth main character

andrew glouberman big mouth

There are a whole bunch of characters on big mouth, but there is no doubt the main character is Andrew Glouberman, voiced by John Mulaney. Compared to his friend Nick, Andrew is much taller and becomes a young man much faster, much to Nick’s dismay. While the two best friends are constantly fighting, they always seem to be there for each other when it matters most. Andrew constantly makes big mistakes and is very clumsy, plus he’s always tempted by his outrageous hormone freak, Maury.

8 Marty Glouberman is Andrew’s angry but honest and cheap dad

marty glouberman big mouth

Marty Glouberman is the boisterous, bossy dad who seems to blame his son, Andrew, for all that is wrong with the world. He seems to skimp on money and always yells at Andrew for being a pervert. He’s also obsessed with the New York Knicks, and has a romantic, albeit odd, relationship with his wife. The couple is constantly worry that Andrew is kind of a deviant and Marty still thinks it’s all Andrew’s fault, including blaming his son for Charlie Sheen leaving Two and a half men.

7 The Birch Attic is haunted by music legend Duke Ellington and his iconic ghost friends

Duke Ellington bigmouth

Perhaps the most random character on big mouth is the ghost of legendary jazz musician Duke Ellington. Voiced by Jordan Peele, this animated version of Duke Ellington is just as evil as every other character on the show. There is a flashback episode in Season 3 that shows Duke’s life as a young boy and how he became a musician, it even reveals that Maury was Duke’s hormonal monster as well.

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Nick always goes to the attic to talk and receive life advice from Duke, who is constantly throwing ghost parties with other dead celebrities, including Freddie Mercury and Whitney Houston.

6 Dr Elliot Birch is the adorable and domineering father of young Nick

birch elliot big mouth

The second most important character on big mouth is the best friend of Andrew, Nick, and while Nick is funny, it is his authoritarian father charged with emotion, Elliot, who steals a lot of scenes. Voiced by the talented Fred Armisen, Dr Elliot Birch and his wife, Diane, are very open with their children and not afraid to talk about sex and life. Elliot is such a wacky character that in the episode “Guy Town”, after being insulted by Nick, he acts like a cat all the time.

5 Rick is the not-so-bright but hysterically distorted hormonal monster

rick hormone monster big mouth

Rick the Hormone Monster is one of the funniest and weirdest characters on the show, always saying things that are completely wrong or giving terrible advice. However, while Rick doesn’t really know what’s going on, he has a relaxed demeanor and constantly tells Nick “you do you, baby.

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Rick might not be the sharpest knife in the draw, but he has a heart of gold and only wants the best for the people in his life. Additionally, in a season 1 episode of big mouth, it is revealed that Rick is also the hormonal monster of baby man, Coach Steve.

4 Jay Bilzerian is a 40-year-old magician who loves pillows in a 13-year-old body

jay bilzerian big mouth

Speaking of wacky and rude characters with hearts of gold, Jay Bilzerian can be the most absurd human character on big mouth. Voiced by Jason Mantzoukas, Jay comes from a troubled home and can be quite rude at times, even making love with his talking pillows and acting very inappropriately at school. Jay escapes the troubles of his life through magic, which has resulted in him spending far too much time with a group of adult magicians in a Panera. Jay is responsible for some of the biggest pieces of big mouth, including naming her dog Pitbull with Ludicrous and opening a dirty mud pool with Lola called Soak Palace.

3 Coach Steve Steve is the inexperienced gym teacher and all-round goofball

coach steve big mouth

Coach Steve Steve is also not the brightest bulb in the socket and is constantly confused about what is going on around him. Still, all of the students seem to love him, including Jay, whose mom does “thick warm“with the distant trainer. Coach Steve lives a diaper barge and has a girlfriend made from Valentine’s Day products from Walgreens named Werther’s-Spoons from Reeses. To say the least, Coach Steve probably shouldn’t be in charge of the kids, considering he barely seems able to dress.

2 Connie is the bubble bath loving hormone freak

connie big mouth

While a show like big mouth can be addressed to men, there are just as many episodes around girls and their own puberty. Jessi Glaser is the main female character and goes through as many tough times as the boys. Luckily, Jessi has an incredible puberty guide to Connie, the hormonal freak who loves bubble baths and is as blunt as any male character on the show. Connie also has an intermittent relationship with Maury and a twin sister named Bonnie, who enjoys juicy hot tubs over Connie’s bubble baths.

1 Maury is the straight-shot comedic hormonal monster

maury big mouth netflix

The main man when it comes to puberty, sex, and male genitalia, Maury the hormonal monster shines as the funniest, outspoken character in big mouth. Maurice “Maury” Beverley, who is another character voiced by Nick Kroll, serves as both Andrew’s and Matthew’s hormonal monster. It is also revealed in Season 3 that Maury was actually Duke Ellington’s hormonal monster at the time. Maury constantly pushes sexual innuendos at Andrew and Matthew, who usually think he’s overzealous but end up giving in to Maury’s hilarious temptations.

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