The first 10 matches of the AEW Women’s World Championship, ranked from worst to best

Although the reservation AEW the women’s division hasn’t been perfect, and while the storylines haven’t had too much depth, there’s no denying that the women of AEW put on consistently strong in-ring matches, and that bodes true for the scene. of the AEW Women’s World Championship, for the most part.

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The first 10 Women’s World Title matches in AEW offered an array of different matchups, some of which were far better than others, some of which were disappointing or even downright bad. The first 10 games spanned a year, making defenses special and well-deserved, which helped establish the prestige of the title.

ten Riho Vs Kris Statlander, AEW Dynamite: Anniversary, January 8, 2020

It was a complete one game disaster. The in-ring action between Riho and Statlander went well, with both being good workers, but booking the match was what let him down a lot.

The Nightmare Collective made their presence known in this match, which was incredibly unpopular due to the quality of the gimmick. The first Luther helped distract Statlander, which led to Riho, who was supposed to be a babyface, getting a tainted victory. The ending was a mess and it hurt everyone involved.

9 Nyla Rose vs. Kris Statlander, AEW Revolution, February 29, 2020

Unfortunately for Rose and Statlander, there was a lot against them for this game. The pair were designed to follow what might still be the best match in AEW history, following the historic Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. Young Bucks Tag Title encounter.

That unwinnable spot wasn’t helped by the fact that Statlander came into this game with a fever, clearly she wasn’t 100%. The pair repeatedly failed to gel, and while the crown was pretty in it, the execution was very poor for most of the runtime.


8 Riho vs. Britt Baker, AEW Dynamite, October 16, 2019

Riho’s first defense came against fellow babyface Britt Baker. In 2019, Baker was a far cry from the performer she is today, which is evident by a slow and sloppy start to the contest.

The pair managed to turn things around in the closing stages of the match, with the right result seeing Riho retain his belt. Baker has improved a lot since that point, it’s not a memorable fight at all.

seven Riho vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Nyla Rose vs. Britt Baker, AEW Dynamite: Homecoming, January 1, 2020

Looking back, the composition of this match is hugely important, with those involved making up the first four AEW Women’s World Champions. The match itself was enjoyable, with the four-man stipulation allowing for non-stop action.

Again, Baker looked a bit green, with her still improving, and Rose looked uncomfortable at times. The lack of a real narrative, other than Rose’s dominance, left it feeling a bit empty, but there were some fun moments nonetheless.

6 Riho vs. Emi Sakura, AEW Full Gear, November 9, 2019

This was a classic teacher vs. student match, with veteran Sakura doing a lot of heavy lifting, elevating Riho even further during her reign. Unfortunately, AEW didn’t build this match well, which ultimately lacked heat as the women’s division didn’t put in much time.

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The action between the strings was mostly strong, but not spectacular. A slight mistake from the referee at the end did not harm the finish, which went well overall.

5 Riho vs. Nyla Rose, AEW Dynamite, October 2, 2019

The first-ever women’s world champion was crowned on the very first episode of dynamite, between two women who had earned their place in the game. Right off the bat, Riho and Nyla Rose exhibited strong chemistry with each other, putting on a great match to determine the first title holder.

Riho’s heart and grit as a babyface underdog were felt throughout, with his win providing a big moment. Some moves weren’t executed very smoothly, but they became more comfortable as the match progressed.

4 Nyla Rose vs. Hikaru Shida, AEW Double Or Nothing, May 23, 2020

The no-disqualification stipulation allowed both women to kick this match up a notch in terms of hard-hitting action, and it was very effective. While not everything was perfect, imperfections sometimes added to the intensity of the contest.

Shida getting the win was slightly unexpected, but it was a welcome decision due to his natural popularity and great wrestling ability.

3 Hikaru Shida vs. Penelope Ford, AEW Dynamite: Fyter Fest, July 1, 2020

Looking back on that match, it’s crazy how much Penelope Ford was used in AEW, as it proved just how good she can be on the ropes, which is one of the strongest female matches in AEW. ‘AEW so far.

The action was smooth, smooth and punchy, with every point hitting to perfection. Even though Shida hasn’t been champion for too long, there were some compelling near-falls, accentuated by Ford’s strength during this match.

2 Hikaru Shida vs. Thunder Rosa, AEW All Out, September 5, 2020

This contest came right after the infamous Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara debacle. Considering that Shida and Rosa had to struggle in the worst match placement of the night, what they accomplished is so much more impressive.

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Shida and Rosa managed to re-engage the crowd after life was sucked out of the building, putting on a hugely entertaining and technical match, with both wrestlers coming out looking strong. Maybe a different night might have been even better too.

1 Riho vs. Nyla Rose, AEW Dynamite, February 12, 2020

The initial match between Riho and Rose was good, but this one was a whole other level above. Building on their chemistry from last time out, the two women put together a brilliant match, which was by far the best women’s match to date in AEW.

Riho’s reluctance to back down made her look strong even in defeat, with Rose playing the role of monster heel wonderfully, winning the title in a result that arguably should have happened the first time they met.


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