Tinder Expands Video Features and Introduces Explore – Bulk Solids Handling


The dating app Tinder announced a novelty this week with the addition of the video format of seconds in the profiles which is spreading, including in France. This video functionality was tested in select countries earlier this year.

Directly from the app, a video can be cut and cropped. Users can edit and upload up to nine recorded videos from their smartphone to their Tinder profile.


Video offers Gen Z a new way to tell authentic stories and embodies Tinder’s evolution to a more interactive, deeper and more diverse experience “writes Tinder. A generation Z which here refers to the 15 – 25 year olds.

Beyond the blow

We are also talking about this generation Z to introduce an Explore section integrated into the application which will be available in France in mid-October. It presents itself as a new place of exchange and discovery.

With Explore, users will have access to suggested profiles based on their areas of interest. New areas of interest will be regularly highlighted to facilitate meetings with new people.


Users will be able to choose to see only verified profiles (authentication via a series of selfies) in a dedicated space in Explore. Also in Explore, a Fast Chat random chat system will allow you to chat with someone without having previously paired them.

A random system brings members face to face. same set of questions in a timed time, and based on the answers, each member decides to continue and match or wait for the next potential match Tinder explains.

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