Tinder thinks it’s a good idea to bring a complete stranger to your friends’ wedding



Receiving a wedding invitation with a plus one when you don’t have an obvious dance partner can be intimidating, but the dating app Tinder believes it can help.

The new Plus One feature allows users to search for a date for their upcoming wedding or make themselves available as a potential suitor for a ceremony or reception.

Tinder is bringing the feature to the Explore section of the app, in part because the mention of the term “plus one” is up 45% in Tinder’s bios, which means people are actively on the lookout.

With a huge wave of marriages underway due to the loosening of coronavirus restrictions, Tinder estimates there will be plenty of date seekers and the app could be the perfect place to work out possible matches.

Given that Tinder says he’s responsible for 25% of newlyweds who have met online, he’s thinking “why not start these relationships in a real marriage.” We’re not sure the wisdom of bringing a complete stranger to someone’s wedding, but more power for anyone who’s willing to give it a try. Sage users could try a few dates with said suitor rather than just meeting them for the first time in the parking lot of the registrar.

Given the nature of their work, we’re sure the Wedding Crashers played by Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson would take care of all of this by volunteering for the invitations. They wouldn’t even have to plant them anymore!

“We know a lot of our members are looking for a Plus One for their upcoming wedding and we’re excited to now give them a way to do just that on Tinder,” said Kyle Miller, vice president of product innovation at Tinder in a blog post.

The Explore section of the app, which launched in September, allows users to set up a Lyft for their date, while there are options for meeting people based on their interests, musical tastes, social causes, etc. There is even an “Entrepreneurs” section for professionals who will end up having no time for each other and entrusting their children to a series of nannies. Currently, the Plus One option appears to be reserved for the United States.

Would you be ready to bring a complete stranger to a wedding, to hell with the consequences? Let us know @trustedreviews on Twitter.


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