Town planning council seeks to address Lowe’s concerns


KINGSTON – With plans for a 3,192 foot addition to Lowe’s Home Improvement in the clearance process, it may be time to fix a mistake.

When plans for Lowe’s at 32 William C. Gould Jr. Way were originally approved, no outdoor storage or display was to be allowed, according to community development director Jason Silva.

One of the complaints from members of the town planning council concerns the storage of pallets in the parking areas near the building on the left side, occupying parking spaces and possibly presenting a fire risk.

The planning board’s review of plans for a tool rental center on Monday night also raised questions about emergency access for fire vehicles and stormwater compliance to which board members want answers ahead of the public hearing scheduled for Monday, July 26.

Silva recommended that the planning council have an agreement with Lowe’s that the company can be held to in order to address the council’s concerns if it approves the special permit requested by Lowe’s.

Civil engineer Casey Burch of Solli Engineering, representing Lowe’s, said he could create a storage display plan in conjunction with the fire department and the planning board to address these concerns.

“We can definitely work with the fire department and have something for the next hearing,” he said.

Seacoast Engineering owner Paul Brogna, who conducts peer reviews for the Planning Council, said that with the original special permit and site plan from 2001, he was concerned about compliance with regulations. state stormwater 1998 with a treatment system that is about 18 years old.

“What they are proposing to do is kind of a minor change, but based on your local regulations it’s strict,” he said.

The Continuing Planning Council hearing will follow the Continuing Conservation Commission hearing scheduled for Wednesday, July 14. The addition would be constructed within 100 feet of a wetland resource area.

The waste discovered by Silva while he was there has still not been collected either, as requested by the Conservation Commission. Burch attributed this to a change in leadership.

“We are currently trying to get Lowe’s up to speed and on the ball,” he said.

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