Two of Brooke Blurton’s Bachelorette Candidates Are Dating!


Bachelorette fans had already guessed that there was a spark between the two women after they bonded on the show and continued their friendship even after filming.

Suspicion was raised when Carissa spoke to WEEK TV earlier this month, after she stepped out of the Bachelorette Mansion the night after Bec was eliminated.

At the time, she told Brooke that she couldn’t fall in love in the Bachelorette environment and added to WEEK TV that he “just wasn’t feeling well.”

“It was almost like chasing like one of your friend’s girlfriends,” she said.

Carissa went on to tell us that she had made a strong bond in the mansion, especially with Bec, but when we asked about their friendship, Carissa paused.

Bachelorette Bec Carissa


After a while, she confessed, “We send messages every day, several times a day. I am very grateful for the friendships that have formed.”

She also told us that the contestants had “friend zones” and were only focusing on dating Brooke, but it appears that Bec stepped out of the friends zone after the cameras stopped rolling. !

The new couple appear to be enjoying a beach getaway right now, with the two posting coastal snaps on their Instagram pages.

While Carissa hasn’t posted publicly on Bec yet, we can’t help but remember a kind comment she made during a chat a few weeks ago.

“Honestly, I just hope that by staying true to myself and following my own life journey, I meet my person at the right time,” Carissa told TV WEEK.

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Maybe she was more right about it than we – or even she – knew at the time!

This isn’t the first time that two Bachelor candidates have found love with each other after appearing on the show together.

Tiffany Scanlon and Megan Marx met during Richie Strahan season The single person in 2016 and became the first woman in Australian franchise history to reunite after dating the same bachelor.

Sadly, their romance didn’t last and the couple broke up in March 2017.

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