VALORANT pros use animated gifs to put themselves forward before a match

Before almost every VALUING match he plays professionally, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo posts a gif of an anime character on Twitter, usually Killua Zoldyck from the popular “Hunter x Hunter” series. Other players have followed suit, posting anime character gifs and even changing their Twitter profile picture to their favorite characters.

The trend has spread internationally at the Masters Berlin according to Nikita “d3ffo” Sudakov of Gambit Esports.

“I posted a gif on Twitter before every game and it always works for me,” he said.

But some players, like TenZ, started the trend before the start of the VALORANT international events.

A huge anime fan, D3ffo’s Twitter profile picture is the main character of one of his favorite shows, “Seven Deadly Sins”. He said the practice is kind of a joke, but he’s won almost every game since he started using the avatar. Prior to his most recent victory against Team Vikings at VALORANT Champions, he job a gif of “Tokyo Ghoul”.

Other VALORANT players who participate in the trend for animated gifs are Erick from Cloud9 “Xeppaa“Roberto Francisco de Bach and KRÜ Esports”Mazino»Rivas Bugueño. Although neither player won the matches they played after tweeting the short videos – Cloud9 fell to Fnatic 1-2 and KRÜ lost to Team Liquid 0-2 – Mazino said he liked the trend and found it helped him before games.

“It’s my experience that guys who have an anime profile picture have just done more and are better in tournaments and that’s where it comes from,” Mazino said. “Post an anime gif to somehow intimidate the opponent.”

Much like other rituals that some players may have before a game, like changing their mouse grip or breathing exercises, this trend is a great way for players to set the tone for their next game. Whether it’s a bow of revenge against a previous opponent or a general power-up before facing a tournament favorite, there’s almost no wrong way for players to join in. we.

“Trendy ones are good choices that you can go with,” Mazino said of choosing the right anime gif before a game. “The classics, you can never fail with the classics. “

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