Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev used her dog to troll boyfriend Shaun White

Nina Dobrev is once again showing some love for her boyfriend, Shaun White, albeit jokingly. The vampire diary The star recently took to TikTok to hilariously troll the Olympic snowboarder and did so using her dog. And honestly, that makes me even more envious of their relationship.

Nina Dobrev has been dating the Olympian since 2019 so, as of now, they’re at the point in their relationship where they can joke about almost anything. And what Dobrev just did really takes the cake. In a new TikTok post, the actress hopped on the popular trend that sees a person show off who their childhood crush was before sharing who they ended up with. And in the clip, White humorously fails to differentiate when it comes to the latter category:

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unconditional love

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I mean, don’t get me wrong. The snowboarder is cute (just like Brad Pitt), but what’s not to love about this adorable dog? This is a great article and just another piece of evidence that shows how the two are still joking around. This was proven in a recent TikTok from the athlete, which saw him offering some tongue to his girlfriend.

While it’s all been fun and fun for the couple lately, earlier this year Shaun White admitted the relationship started with ego bruises. He wasn’t exactly aware of The Vampire Diaries when he and Nina Dobrev started dating and therefore didn’t know how important it was. In one instance, while they were at a restaurant, Dobrev used his star power to get them a table. Ultimately, White thought it was “pretty funny”.

Other than that, Nina Dobrev has visibly shown love for her boyfriend without trolling him. After Shaun White’s historic Olympics final earlier this year, Dobrev shared his support for White, and it was sweet. She was in Beijing with her beau during the winter games, which shows her dedication.

The Degrassi: the next generation vet has been busy lately with acting gigs. At the end of 2021, she was leading the cast of the Netflix film love strong. Soon after, she starred in redemptive love, which received less than favorable reviews from critics. She also has other upcoming projects in Meeting, Outlaw and sick girl.

It’s so wonderful to see Nina Dobrev happy and thriving alongside Shaun White. She previously admitted that Elena Gilbert’s landing on RST condemned his romantic relationship at the time. I don’t imagine she’ll face any series-related issues at this point. The only thing that could stand between her and White now is her dog.

If you want to see Nina Dobrev in the classic CW drama, be sure to stream all eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries using a Netflix subscription!

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