What Phaedra Parks thinks about remarrying


Phaedra Parks isn’t rushing down the aisle anytime soon, or maybe never. The old one The Real Housewives of Atlanta The star says she’s still open to love, but doesn’t necessarily seal the deal with a legal union. Parks recently shared his feelings about the potential remarriage in a conversation with Sixth page. “I’m going out with me and having a good time,” she said. “People often ask me if I want to remarry. I’m looking for love but I’m not sure I want to remarry because I love dating,” she continued. “I love to have fun, I love to laugh, I love lavish gifts!”

There are certain requirements that her next man must fulfill, noting that her “dream man” must be “very confident in himself, can support me and really be able to handle his under all circumstances”. Plus, Parks says her man has a lot of “youth” and a love for “dangerous sports.” More importantly, he must be “mature enough to go out and earn money and know when to shut up.” And her man doesn’t have to be a lawyer like her. “And I am an equal opportunity employer,” she added. “I don’t discriminate.”

Parks, 47, was previously married to Apollo Nida, 42. The two have two boys: Ayden and Dylan, whom Parks affectionately calls “The Prince” and “Mr. President”. Nida and Parks’ marriage and divorce were recounted during her seven seasons on RHOA. The couple joined the series in Season 3 as newlyweds, less than a year married and pregnant with Ayden. During their first season, Nida’s criminal past was a point of contention for her co-stars.

In two years, they had had Dylan, but the cracks in their marriage were obvious. Nida was supposed to be unfaithful and even flirt with Parks’ co-star and nemesis Kenya Moore. The last straw was Nida’s accusation and her guilty plea for fraud. He was sentenced to eight years in prison. Their divorce was final in 2017.

Nida has since moved on and is engaged to Sherien Almufti, Parks recently split from actor Medina Islam. Parks and Islam had previously appeared together about marriage Training camp on WE TV.

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