Which Aggie targets should engage next?

Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M football Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas A&M football recruiting team has been on an absolute tear for the past two weeks. Since receiving a top-70 commitment from offensive tackle Chase Bisontis in late July, they’ve been rolling.

Not even a week after Bisontis signed with the Aggies, the nation’s No. 1 linebacker, Anthony Hill, signed on the day of the pool party. Hill is the highest-rated rookie currently for the Aggies. Later in the day, four-star athlete Dalton Brooks also announced his engagement to Jimbo Fisher and company.

While that doesn’t add anything to the Class of 2023, the Class of 2024 got off to a great start the day after the pool party. College Station added four-star defensive lineman Daelyn Evans to its impressive streak. The most recent commitment was on August 1, when 2023 three-star defensive lineman Samu Taumanupepe committed to Texas A&M.

Texas A&M football recruiting has had an impressive run over the past two weeks, so what’s next for the Class of 2023?

WR Shelton Sampson Jr., August 6

The Aggies are heading into a big weekend on the scouting track with multiple prospects ready to commit over the next two days. Louisiana Five-Star Wide Receiver Shelton Sampson Jr. is due to commit Saturday at 3:06 p.m. CST at his high school.

Sampson Jr. is a huge target for the Aggies for the Class of 2023. He’s been on Fisher’s radar since June 2021. Since then, the five-star prospect has attended multiple Aggie football camps and also attended the party at the swimming pool on July 30.

He now sits with a final group including Texas A&M, Alabama, LSU and Florida State. It’s been hard to know where he’s leaning lately. 247sports currently has two crystal ball predictions at LSU for Sampson, but the most recent prediction came in early July. It’s apparently anyone’s game with LSU the slight favorite.

OT Naquil Beltrand, August 6

The next scheduled engagement comes just 30 minutes after Sampson’s engagement. This one is from Pennsylvania’s three-star offensive tackle Naquil-Bertrand. Bertrand is due to commit Saturday at 3:30 a.m. CST.

Betrand was previously engaged in Colorado before disengaging in early July. He’s gotten a lot more attention in the recruiting cycle since his disengagement, and he’s now picking between the Aggies, Georgia, Syracuse, Auburn, Kentucky and Penn State.

The 6’7, 310-pound rookie has visited College Station twice, once in April, and he also attended last weekend’s pool party. Texas A&M appears to be the favorite to land Betrand’s services, as 247sports currently has two Crystal Balls on record for the Aggies, the most recent being on Aug. 3.

FAS Kylin Jackson, August 8

The final engagement scheduled for the next two days is Louisiana’s four-star security Kylin Jackson. Jackson is expected to commit on Monday, with a time yet to be announced.

Jackson is a high-profile secondary target for the Aggies and has been drafted by Fisher since June 2021. He has also attended multiple camps at College Station and recently visited on June 17.

LSU also appears to be the favorite for the 6’1, 195-pound defensive back. They’re favored in virtually every recruiting site, but the consensus is that it’s up to the Tigers and Aggies. With the LSU campus just 30 miles away, he seems intent on staying closer to home.

To recap the next few days, expect at least one engagement from Aggie, most likely from Bertrand. The Aggies are still in the hunt for the services of Sampson and Jackson, and an internal conference recruiting battle with the Tigers will be difficult, but not impossible.

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