Why don’t men approach me in bars


It’s a common complaint from many single women – you go out all the time hoping to meet someone, only to spend an entire night without being approached by a single man.

It was a situation Jana Hocking, relationship expert and host of the news.com.au podcast Kind of dating a little, knew it all too well until she discovered the huge mistake she made on her night out.

“I had a real moment five years ago where I said to one of my best friends who is a man, I was like, ‘I don’t understand, I go out every weekend, I’m on the lookout like no one is coming to talk to me, ”Jana told guest Dr. Kate Adams in this week’s episode.

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“Usually there are six girls and we are all dressed up and we have cocktails and he says, ‘Do you know how intimidating it is for a guy to approach a group of six girls? … I know your girlfriends, you’re all noisy ‘.

Jana’s friend said there was no way a guy would “come up to six girls and show his soul or be a jerk trying to crack on you” and she had to take a different approach. .

“He said you have to start dating a girlfriend and look open,” Jana said.

“I never thought about it, all I did was hang out with the girls and wonder why no one was cracking me up.”
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Big problem with “jokes” on dating apps

Jana is all about that sparkle in person when dating someone, also revealing that texting “tries” before meeting is a huge annoyance.

“I hate experimenting with dating apps, it’s so boring and then we just become pen pals,” she said.

“I’ve had so many dates with guys who joke a lot about apps and then you meet them in real life and they’re so boring.
“While guys who don’t have dating apps jokes that you meet have real life jokes, then I think if you’re attractive let’s just go on a date.”

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