With over 100,000 downloads, the Booky Call app is a perfect match for readers

WINTER PARK, Florida, December 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Shortly after the launch of Booky Call September 30, the free book match app has surpassed 100,000 downloads from the Apple and Android app stores, was rated one of the best apps in its class in the Google Play Store, and was featured in the Washington Post Book Club.

Quickly appearing on the scene, Booky Call is a book discovery app that’s perfect for casual and serious readers looking to find their next big read. Using the functionality of a dating app, users create a profile with the types of books they are looking to read, then swipe left or right on the book profiles. “Boo,” the app matchmaker, then slips into the user’s DMs to share purchase options such as an audiobook or digital or physical copy.

“We created Booky Call because we saw the need for a new book discovery platform,” said Brant Menswar, CEO of Booky Call. “Authors struggled to find readers, and readers didn’t have time to wade through endless and biased reviews.”

Of those who frequently use recommendation and book review sites, 93% say they would be very or somewhat likely to use an alternative app. Booky Call has answered that call for over 100,000 users – and escalating.

Booky Call is the best way to help you get through the colder months ahead. Browse the profiles on Booky Call to create your vacation wishlist, or find a new book for your vacation and travel. Instead of turning to dating apps during handcuff season, spend your time snuggling up to a new book – after all, 62% of women say they’d rather spend their Friday nights with a new book than an appointment.

“Thank you to all of our users for the early love shown to Booky Call,” said Menswar. “We are very grateful for a successful launch, and we are confident that with this positive reception, Booky Call will be a must-have for all readers and possibly other media enthusiasts.”

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