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Must-have brands: OYO, Nescafe, smallcase, Olay, Tasva, Tinder, Yezdi, Joy Alukkas, LEAD, KIA, Toyota, Hyundai

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

OYO | #AssiReachGaye? | Have we reached?

Only a parent could have invented that. A universal truth pulled straight from your life and mine and packaged in fascinating ways. Also fits the brand perfectly, offering as it does a close stay, wherever one is. The work aligns with what OYO has been doing for some time now – giving us an option to stay regardless of our reason for staying. In doing so, it also helps viewers discover new reasons to stay in an OYO.

Nescafe | #BadalLifeKiRaftaar

Nescafé is well placed to play a central role during a morning exchange between father and daughter. ‘Badal life ki raftaar’ stands out strongly as the determined girl spells out her dreams. She won’t give up and stays strong, much like the coffee her father hands her. The positive message about letting girls pursue their dreams is delivered effortlessly without sounding preachy.

petty cash | Invest in ideas

The fintech category is getting interesting day by day. Here we have a brand that promises small “cases” of investments classified as internet, rural, etc. What could have been incredibly boring was made interesting with a generous dose of humor.


Olay offered this gentle but firm reminder of the ingrained gendered social biases that deter girls from pursuing certain professions, in this case those related to science, technology, math and engineering. The film is designed to awaken us from a biased state of pride by evoking guilt. Consciously or inadvertently, the work will strike a discordant note with such bias, if it exists within.

Taswa | Sada Mast Raho

Sometimes you just have to let go. The groom here does just that and in doing so helps the brand stand out distinctly. The category’s dark code goes out the window and is replaced by a peppy song and dance.

Tinder India | Started on Tinder

From the first kiss to the first “sorry” and more, it all started on Tinder, says the dating app brand. The series of youthful, fresh, airy patches are just what the doctor ordered for people to slip again at the start of a new year. The soundtrack doesn’t just set the mood, it also elevates the movies.

yezdi | Not for the Saint Hearted

I must confess that I have fond memories of the Yezdi, having owned a Classic and a Road King at different stages of life. I had to shake off some of that nostalgia to review the new Yezdi and its current positioning. The unconventional “bad boy/girl” imagery allows the brand to stand out. There are enough visuals to reiterate that the machine is bad enough to tame wicked paths. There is enough edge in the script to emphasize the positioning. In a way, the storytelling feels a bit like a disappointment.

Joy Alukkas | Joy of reunion

So Kajol meets her childhood friend at a meeting. She tells the friend that since the latter left their school, she hasn’t had a chance to thank her – for the headscarf she lent, which turned out to be a lifesaver. If you suspend sanity a bit and allow the movie license, it’s a nice, fuzzy, warm watch.

LEAD School | Witness the difference

The English learning spot in particular breaks down the premise beautifully, while the other film deploys a ‘Aloo-se-bijli’ joke to keep one interested. In both cases, the proposal is sufficiently well formulated to favorably consider the LEAD option.

Kia Carens | #FromADifferentWorld

The car comes from a different world in the promise – whether on safety, sound, interiors or other elements. This promise was spelled out in a series of short videos online ahead of launch. This launch film literally takes us to another world where the car “comes from”. While the work doesn’t mark too much creativity, the mark should be appreciated for its consistent treatment and imagery.

Toyota Hilux | Live #ARicherLife

Another car that promises to let you escape to a second life and arrive in style when it counts. We haven’t seen too much of Toyota in this space. A new product in a new space calls for new communication. This is what it proposes to do.

Hyundai Alcazar I live the high life

So some of the stars of the Indian women’s cricket team find screen space and share car space with Shah Rukh Khan. Along the way and with the banter, the brand manages to spell out the good things about the car. Checks the boxes, but could have done more.

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