WWE WrestleMania 38 Match Card Predictions After Elimination Chamber Results | Launderer’s report

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    Now that Elimination Chamber is out of the way, The Road to WrestleMania 38 has a much clearer path.

    Outside of the card still being subject to change due to COVID-19, injuries, travel issues, or other factors, several matches appear to be set in stone, with others looking rather likely.

    There’s still over a month to turn things around, build new stories, and create programs from scratch, but as things stand, what does WrestleMania look like?

    Let’s throw in some predictions for the lineup and what might happen on April 2-3 at AT&T Stadium!

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    Fans who watched WWE long enough to make educated guesses knew that Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns would continue to fight long after their clash at Crown Jewel, with an inevitable match at WrestleMania looming for months.

    After Lesnar won the Royal Rumble, it became official. Now, after The Beast Incarnate’s victory at Elimination Chamber, it’s a Winner Take All match with WWE and the Universal Championships on the line.

    As this will be their ninth or 10th match together in one way or another, the WWE Universe knows what to expect from start to finish. They will have a short but explosive game.

    Reigns failed in almost every encounter until the heel and face dynamics were reversed. Although it feels like it would be their last meeting several times in the past, this time it should actually be their last.

    With that in mind, with the Tribal Chief breaking records with his Universal Championship run and being a legitimate full-time member of the roster that this feud has always been meant to highlight since 2014, Reigns will eventually triumph, take both belts. and take one step closer to legendary status.

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    Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair have fought twice before, but that hasn’t stopped WWE from making this year’s WrestleMania the star of rematches.

    Originally, they were supposed to hold the main event of WrestleMania 35. WWE didn’t expect Becky Lynch to gain popularity or get injured until Survivor Series 2018, which led to some changes in the planes.

    As the story goes, Flair replaced Lynch for this match, which was a no contest. Lynch vs. Rousey became the match for the money, but WWE pushed The Queen to become a triple threat in an effort to have their cake and eat it too.

    Here we go back to the match that WWE originally wanted (like Reigns vs. Lesnar happening for the third time at WrestleMania) but with some slight tweaks.

    If WWE wants to cash in on their name for more than this season, they’ll win the title and overtake Flair’s spot on SmackDown, which will surely make Fox happy.

    However, if this is more of a one-time event and we won’t see Rousey again for a while, Flair could get the win she was probably meant to get with the original match.

    Until there’s no indication that Rousey isn’t staying, she’s the smart bet, as she’s unquestionably the biggest overall star in mainstream media. Having the belt on her does more for WWE than sticking with Flair, who will definitely win it another five or so times, anyway.

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    Bianca Belair earned a title shot at the Raw Women’s Championship after winning the Elimination Chamber match, which means she has another chance to undo her humiliating loss to SummerSlam’s Becky Lynch.

    Surely WWE hopes fans forget that these two have fought multiple times since then. Or else, forget that fans will think having yet another match just means it’s building on the rivalry, instead of feeling like it’s a “been there, done that” feud.

    While predictable, the only way this plays out where it doesn’t seem like an unnecessary waste of time for all parties is if WWE’s EST regains their title. The only story worth telling is that Lynch gets his reward while the damage done to Belair is repaired with his second Biggest Show of the Year win.

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    The first four titles are settled, but there are still six championships left on the main roster to find places for.

    The 24/7 Championship simply won’t have one. It’s a gimmick title relegated to silly behind-the-scenes segments that no one puts any value in. It won’t take long on the map unless it’s a brief moment when someone scores a backstage pinfall.

    The Intercontinental Championship now revolves around Sami Zayn’s trash. No one is showing up to challenge him yet, but the feud with Johnny Knoxville appears to be ongoing. Given that WWE seems increasingly reliant on part-timers and guest stars to fill out this card, Zayn vs. Knoxville is the best guess. Don’t count on Knoxville winning the title just for a goof, either.

    Damian Priest is still expected to be United States Champion. His challenger is still an open question that WWE likely won’t figure out until the series begins. He made it through the Raw roster, however, with Austin Theory and Finn Balor as two of the few remaining options.

    Theory could win the belt, but Balor is less fortunate.

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    WWE still cares less about tag team divisions and, by proxy, those titles. Last year, the SmackDown Tag Team Championship wasn’t even defended at WrestleMania but on the previous SmackDown.

    The Usos will certainly always have these belts in their possession. Whether WWE just throws the Viking Raiders, Los Lotharios and The New Day into a Fatal 4-Way and calls it a match or one of those teams is replaced by Sheamus and Ridge Holland or Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs will not be. probably not decided until the end of March.

    Don’t be surprised if The Usos retain the titles to keep The Bloodline strong with as many belts as possible no matter who they’re up against.

    The Raw Tag Team Championship will belong to RK-Bro of Alpha Academy if they do not split for a singles match Randy Orton vs. Riddle, which Riddle is expected to win. If so, The Street Profits are the only valid contenders to Chad Gable and Otis.

    There are even fewer for the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Carmella and Queen Zelina Vega aren’t featured every week, and there isn’t a single actual team opposite them on the roster that could challenge them.

    WWE will forfeit defending these titles and put these Superstars in another match, teams will be made on a whim in the coming weeks to fit people on the card or non-active wrestlers will be put in the spotlight .

    Bayley and Sasha Banks return to team up, Lita having one last go-around with Trish Stratus by her side, or maybe even The Bella Twins would do something interesting, but it all depends on injuries and retirees backing into the ring.

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    The Miz has someone in mind to team up with to take on Rey Mysterio. Is it Logan Paul? Besides, could Dominik Mysterio be replaced by Bad Bunny to involve as many celebrities as possible? If so, give victory to the babyfaces.

    Fightful Select reported that WWE wanted Stone Cold Steve Austin in a match. His most likely opponent would be Kevin Owens, who not only uses the Stunner finisher, but also talked trash in Texas.

    This takes Owens off the table for a match with Edge, meaning AJ Styles is the Rated-R superstar’s replacement. Edge has mentioned The Phenomenal One as being on his list of wrestlers he wants to work with, and Styles has nothing else in the works at the moment.

    Austin would beat Owens, of course, while an argument can be made. Styles would beat Edge, just to shake things up.

    Omos should be the favorite for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Natalya’s hunt for more Guinness World Records could also give her a victory with a women’s Battle Royal.

    Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins are among the best remaining stars with nothing clear in mind. The Scottish warrior could fight Happy Corbin, but that would be a relative waste.

    Both could be candidates for Cody Rhodes, should he sign with WWE in time after leaving AEW several days ago. If Rhodes struggles, watch what he wins. Otherwise, how McIntyre and Rollins are used is anybody’s guess.

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