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Jacob Bertrand, Xolo Mariduena and Peyton List pose together in 2019.

“Cobra Kai” co-stars Xolo Maridueña and Jacob Bertrand launched a podcast called “Lone Lobos” earlier this month. In a recent episode, which uploaded on September 22, the cast shared some details about their respective love lives.

Xolo Maridueña spoke about his past relationships

During the podcast episode, Maridueña shared that he doesn’t believe messaging a stranger on social media is an effective way. “to start a relationship.

“Looks like you’re already starting out on a weird footing,” said the 20-year-old.

Bertrand then revealed that he has “never had any sort of dating app. He noted, however, that he “likes[s] climb on [his] Friends ‘tinders’ to help them find matches. The 21-year-old actor then shared that Maridueña had “had a lot more online talking connections than [he has] never had.”

“Like I’ve only dated people I know, like in person, like I’ve never dated someone who started online,” Bertrand said.

Maridueña then shared that he has “had three serious girlfriends, “and seemed to refer to the fact that he had been in a relationship with his” Cobra Kai “co-star, Hannah Kepple, who plays Moon. He also revealed that he was dating an unidentified person who contacted him online.

“I was in Wienerschnitzel and I was doing a livestream in Wienerschnitzel because I had never been there. And she commented on the video, and I was like, “What” – it was like a person like, I didn’t know I was on their radar and I was just like, “What the hell?” that’s it ”. It’s random, ”explained Maridueña.

The actor went on to say that he knew about this individual before she contacted him.

“That being said, one of my relationships started without knowing the person, like before, without meeting them in person,” Maridueña said.

Bertrand then revealed that he was not a fan of “the texting phase ”when he first interacts with someone who might be a potential love interest.

“You have to be sarcastic and witty all the time,” explained the former Disney Channel star.

Maridueña agreed with her podcast co-host.

“There’s no real relationship you can start, I even feel like a friendship you can just start over texting without knowing the person,” the “Parenthood” star said.

Bertrand went on to say that he believed that “making a connection with someone is sharing experiences and you can’t really do that over text”.

Jacob Bertrand discussed training for ‘Cobra Kai’ in January 2021

As fans know, “Cobra Kai” is known for its martial arts choreography. In January 2021, Maridueña and Bertrand spoke to BlackFilmandTV.com about the show’s third season. Bertrand explained how the cast of “Cobra Kai” stay in shape.

“You know, off season we don’t do a ton, a ton of training, I think we all try to stay active, but while we’re on the set, we do a surprising amount of stretching. A lot of the training stretches out just so you can kick people because you have to get your foot up there and it’s a lot of work choreography and they make us do it. way too many push-ups, ”the actor said.

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